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Front Row Meeting Rooms

Executive Microsoft Teams Meetings

Large Meeting Rooms can host 16+ people seated at conference table. The technology for this solution include speaker system, microphones, and computer systems, tailored for the meeting experience. Participants in the room can be heard and seen as active participants in the meeting.

Take a Tour of our Front Room Demo

Check out our interactive Front Row Demo at our office and learn more about the Front Row Meeting Room technology that is available today.


Q-Sys Teams Certified Room Solution

Deliver a Familiar Experience

Q-SYS is a cloud-manageable audio, video, and control platform that enables a broad range of smart AV applications across your corporate campus. From intuitive hybrid meeting support in high-impact spaces to applications that stretch beyond simple collaboration, Q-SYS delivers a holistic AV experience that connects both in-office and remote staff.


Empower your hybrid workforce

SimpleShare delivers a fool-proof user experience for Jupiter Pana displays. SimpleShare delivers a fool-proof experience of one-touch launch to video conference meetings or other collaborative applications, including one-touch: whiteboard, presentation, annotation, screen capture, and more. SimpleShare is designed to take advantage of our 21:9, 5K display real estate.



All-in-One Video Bar for Medium to Large Rooms

Rally Bar delivers a powerful all-in-one video conferencing experience, featuring brilliant optics, automated PTZ, and high performance audio for midsize meeting rooms. With Rally Bar, video meetings can be just as natural and productive as face-to-face collaboration


5K Displays | 105″ 5K HDR

With an Ultra High Definition Panel and narrow Bezel design, this display looks even bigger than it already is. With a High-Quality Backlit LED, a Crisp and balanced picture is achieved even in lighting challenged environments like restaurants, hallways, Lobby, parking garages, and stores.