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Check out our Demo office and learn more about the Meeting Room Technology that is available in our live demo environment.

Preview of new rooms

Here's a preview of what our front-row room looks like.

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Room Control Panels

Choose from a variety of room control panels which allow the users to start meetings, view the availability of a meeting room, and control other aspects of the room such as screens and audio.

Room Audio Solutions

Superior room audio make the difference when collaborating on calls. Being able to clearly hear your attendees and for them to hear you just as clear is essential to the meeting room experience

Sennheiser Microphone Shure Speaker Nureva Speaker
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Room Camera Solutions

Video Quality is important with remote calling. When selecting a camera for a meeting, you have a variety of choices when selecting a high-quality room camera. Look at what camera solutions MDT can provide you with.

Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Microsoft’s all in one meeting room solution provides users the quality of Teams calling plus the collaboration with the MS Whiteboard and M365 to make the Hub 2S a full collaboration meeting room piece. The Hub 2S is available in a 50” or 85” screen.

Sennheiser Microphone Shure Speaker